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Welcome to your Kappa Gamma Chapter Website! First, I would like to say that I am honored to be the 11th President of the Kappa Gamma Chapter. The Kappa Gamma Chapter was chartered on April 17, 1988 through the hard work of many individuals, which included our first President, Maryann Bezyack. Please read all about the fascinating details of how we came to be a chapter on the 'History' page of our website. Secondly, I would like to thank outgoing President Bruce Zitkus for all the work and leadership she has provided to the Kappa Gamma Chapter over the past two years.

What an exciting time to be a member of the Kappa Gamma Chapter as well as the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (STTI). Why? Both the Kappa Gamma Chapter and STTI have broadened their vision for the future.

Dr. Carol Huston, President of STTI (2007-2009), has focused her Presidential Call to Action on the "global" aspect of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. There are four major themes in her Call to Action.

      1. Being "intentionally global"
      2. Continuing to build our knowledge resources
      3. Developing further the leadership skills of our membership
      4. Creating a greater emphasis on providing service

Each of these themes can be fully examined in detail at Leading Globally: Presidential Call to Action presented to the House of Delegates at the 39th Biennial Convention, 14 November 2007, Baltimore, Md., USA. Additionally, Vision2020 discusses the goals and opportunities that Dr. Huston's Presidential Call to Action are built upon.

The Kappa Gamma Chapter of STTI also has its own strategic plan for 2008-2010, which correlates and builds upon the President's Call to Action by Dr. Huston. However, an organization is only as good as how well its membership participates in the organization. I ask each of you as members of the Kappa Gamma Chapter to participate in our chapter and help us achieve our vision! Our major goals are:

Goal 1: Increase active membership

    • Increase all member's participation in chapter activities through communication via our website as well as printed materials, i.e., newsletter
    • Two Kappa Gamma Induction Ceremonies will be held annually allowing new Undergraduate members to participate more fully in chapter activities as students

Goal 2: Development of a Kappa Gamma Leadership Institute
    • Provide opportunities for members to develop their leadership skills and knowledge through leadership courses, programs, workshops, and/or conferences
    • The Leadership Institute will initially be established for nurses to develop their skills in their various job capacities, i.e., education, bedside nursing, administration, supervisory level, community nursing, Nurse Practitioner, as well as increasing their abilities to be leaders in the fields of nursing legislation, research and entrepreneurship

Goal 3: Continue to Increase our Knowledge Resources through support of Chapter Members who are Currently doing Research as well as Encourage Members to participate in Research Activities pertinent to their Work
    • Support members of the Kappa Gamma Chapter to participate in research.
    • Encourage and support ideas from members regarding future research.
    • Support and encourage future research by participating in research day at the school of nursing.

I encourage every member to think back to why they chose to be a member of the Kappa Gamma Chapter of STTI. Remember when you first thought of becoming a member of the Kappa Gamma Chapter. What did it mean to you then? What can the Kappa Gamma Chapter mean to you now as a Chapter member or as a student contemplating whether you want to become a member? Ask any of the Board Members why they first initially decided to apply for consideration for membership, or ask them what you can do or how you can participate in the chapter if you are already a member. Together we can make a great chapter even greater!

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